We take care
of children
and their families

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The Wrocław Hospice Foundation for Children

Our hospice started its activity in 2002 as part of the Clinic of Bone Marrow Transplantation, Oncology and Paediatric Haematology of the Medical Academy in Wroclaw. In 2007, we transformed into a new, independent unit – the Wroclaw Hospice for Children Foundation. We became independent and expanded our existing team with a nurse, doctor, acquiring new equipment (mainly cars that we received from the Great Christmas Aid Orchestra) and we changed our work organization. All this allowed us to increase the number of visits we can make to our children from just a few to over 60 children in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia region. For several years, we have been supporting over 280 terminally ill children who do not yet require palliative care. At the moment, we support them on the social level, we rent equipment or provide rehabilitation, and we offer support to their parents and legal guardians during this difficult time.
We connect people of good will around the Wrocław hospice.
Ambassadors, donors, taxpayers donating 1% support us financially, and our volunteers – offer time.

Together, we implement successive actions with one goal: supporting terminally ill children and their families.

We invite to our Foundation those who need help and those who want to help. Let’s be for ourselves.



Support the construction

We are building a Respire Care House – we’ll provide care for children in it when carers cannot provide it. Help build a house!

Przekaż 1%

Ten jeden procent ma ogromne znaczenie. Rozliczając co roku PIT – przekaż 1% swojego podatku na Fundację „Wrocławskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci”. Wystarczy wpisać jego nasz numer KRS!

Construction of our house
in Wrocław