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Thanks to events and initiatives, we connect people who want to help and promote the idea of hospice care.

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Wielkie Tchnienie Życia - logo

Wielkie Tchnienie życia – co to za akcja?

To coroczne obchody Światowego Dnia Hospicjów i Opieki Paliatywnej. 

W każdą drugą sobotę października spotykamy się, by świętować ten dzień w szczególny sposób. Organizujemy wówczas  wesoły happening! Ubrani na niebiesko,  przy dźwiękach muzyki, łapiemy się za ręce i próbujemy otoczyć wrocławski Ratusz. Mamy ze sobą transparenty i głośno mówimy o tym, że hospicjum to też życie. 

Szczególnym symbolem tego dnia są wszechobecne bańki mydlane – to nasz symbol pięknego i kruchego życia.  

Logotyp Nadzieja zamiast bukietu

How does it work?

Thanks to the kindness of young couples, we collect money for those under the care of the
“Wroclaw Hospice for Children” Foundation. The newlyweds ask guests that
instead of bouquets of flowers, to pay the equivalent of the price of the
flowers to the account of the Wroclaw hospice instead.

How to join
the action?

In 2020,
the entire proceeds from the concert were allocated to the construction of a
Nursing Home. The Foundation has made the effort to fulfill the dreams of
families, parents and guardians of chronically and terminally ill children who
need professional medical care and their caregivers need additional help in
circumstantial situations, e.g. when illness or other commitments affects them

collected money should be transferred to our account:

69 1140
1140 0000 2052 8800 1001 (PLN only)

With the
note “Hope in place of a bouquet” or contact an employee of the Foundation to
determine the most convenient way to transfer the donation.

request and availability, the Foundation can offer a volunteer to be present at
your ceremony for the collection of gifts and to thank guests in person for
such a valuable contribution to our ongoing services.

to download:

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    horizontal pass
  • Golden
    horizontal pass
  • Silver
    vertical pass
  • Golden vertical pass

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Can art help?

Of course! Artists engage in helping actions, most often by donating various types of artifacts and works. In this way, an artist-photographer, Michał Sadowski, became involved in helping the Wrocław Hospice for Children

How can you help?

We invite you to buy photos taken by Michał Sadowski. All income from sales will be allocated to the implementation of the statutory objectives of our organization. Artistic photos can be purchased at: sadowski.photography or facebook.com/PolishExplorer/

Do you have questions?

We will be happy to answer them. Contact us and take part in our actions.

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