The Respite Care Home

There’s no other place like home! To build one for our beloved kids, we need to raise 8 million PLN.


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Will you help us provide them a moment of relief?

This is going to be a very special place. In the personalised area at the Respite Care Home, we will be able to provide free, temporary healthcare for both very ill and disabled kids and teens. This is invaluable in situations where such care can’t be provided by their parents or caregivers due to e.g. an unexpected event, hospitalization, need for rest or simply because of daily responsibilities.

Thanks to the Respite Care Home, we will be able to follow better the philosophy of the “For Life” programme.

We observe an increasing demand for respite care that:
– allows to mitigate the care providers temporarily (mostly moms)
– provides the highest standard of care and comfort to the patient

The Respite Care Home – funds needed!

The respite care home could provide a moment of relief for the mom of 16-year-old Janek, who’s ill from the moment he was born and needs 24/7 care. We need a safe space for Julia, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, while there’s an ongoing maintenance at her home place. These things are simply priceless. 

For last 20 years we have become specialists in palliative care for young patients. Wrocław Hospice for Children Foundation has been helping kids in need and their families. Our Home Hospice has been operating for over a decade now. During this period, we have developed high medical standards. We now have a great knowledge of the needs of children that are terminally ill.

To continue growing our mission and help us provide free healthcare to these children in need, we need to raise more funds. You can contribute towards the build of the Respite Care Home by donating any amount of money. 

Account numbers:
Title: Respite Care Home Build 
Bank: mBank
69 1140 1140 0000 2052 8800 1001 (PLN)
42 1140 1140 0000 2052 8800 1002 (EUR)

Respite Care Home – our plan

During their stay at the facility, our guests will be provided with free, round-the-clock, professional nursing, medical and psychological care. They will also have a chance to receive rehabilitation treatment if needed. Our respite care centre will offer accommodation in single and double rooms with bathrooms included. All rooms will be equipped with the necessary medical supplies and infrastructure. Estimated total area of the facility: 1500 square meters. 

Our Respite
Care Home will include:

  • a temporary relieving care centre with 18 beds;
  • rehabilitation part with the possibility of creating rehabilitation stays;
  • educational/training facilities including a conference room
  • medical and administrative rooms;
  • medical supplies storage;
  • parking;
  • recreational part;
  • leisure garden with a sensory garden included;
  • kitchen facilities