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Volunteer opportunities in Wroclaw? Join our hospice’s team. Promote the initiative and support the actions for sick children. 

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How can you help?

Voluntary actions in the Foundation “Wroclaw Hospice for Children” gather people who, in their free time, want to do some good for others. Volunteers can help in many ways and with different intensity. 

There are a number of different volunteer activities to choose from, to suit your individual needs, competencies and time-constraints. Each volunteer activity will be supported by a coordinator and include sessions preparing volunteers how to perform their role in the project. It is important to help but also to help wisely.

Our volunteers have got one thing in common – it doesn’t matter if they collect money, prepare envelopes for posting or help a sick girl’s sister with her homework – they are aware that this changes a piece of world.   


Every voluntary support allows the Foundation “Wroclaw Hospice for Children” to work better. 

Who can become a volunteer?

Volunteers supporting the Foundation “Wroclaw Hospice for Children” can choose between 3 engagement options – depending on their age, experience and availability. 

Volunteers support us in sporting, cultural and social events. These are concerts, money raising actions, informative events, office help, getting objects for auctions, leading sessions in schools or helping arrange transport. Volunteers can also initiate their own ideas to help support the Foundation “Wroclaw Hospice for Children”. These voluntary actions are run in Wroclaw.

For Action volunteering, people of all ages are more than welcome to apply but parent/guardian’s permission is required for under sixteens.

Important info: Action volunteering is treated as a stage before becoming a help to a child. Each volunteer, who would like to work in Family volunteering, is required to work in Action volunteering for half a year. It is important to get to know each other, make sure we understand each other and to gain trust. Then we can consciously and responsibly decide on what comes next.

How can you enrol?
Send us the filled in form to


zostać wolontariuszem

Proces rekrutacji wolontariuszy do Fundacji Wrocławskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci to 4 kroki:

Krok 1

Wypełnij kwestionariusz i wyślij go na adres
Wypełnione kwestionariusze można przesyłać w ciągu całego roku.

Krok 2

Poczekaj na informacje zwrotne od koordynatora wolontariatu Fundacji „Wrocławskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci”.

Krok 3

Jeśli będziemy zainteresowani współpracą z Tobą - zaprosimy Cię na spotkanie rekrutacyjne do naszej siedziby we Wrocławiu. Na spotkaniu przybliżymy profil działania fundacji i przedstawimy dokładnie jak wygląda działalność wolontariacka we Wrocławskim Hospicjum dla Dzieci.

Krok 4

Po zakończonym szkoleniu decydujemy wspólnie o podpisaniu porozumienia i zaczniesz działać!