Perinatal hospice

A special form of care for parents, who know their unborn baby is terminally ill.

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Perinatal hospice – what type of help does it offer?

A perinatal hospice is more than just a place. It is holistic care for families that face a serious, incurable illness of their unborn child. From 2013, this care is offered by a unit of the Wrocław Children Hospice Foundation. So far almost 50 families have benefited our assistance.

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Who we help in the perinatal hospice?

The care we provide at the hospice is above all for parents, who learned that their long-awaited child is terminally or incurably ill. A lethal birth defect was identified at some stage of pregnancy.

Children with lethal birth defects can also find support here. If their condition is stable after birth and they can be discharged from the hospital, the children can remain under the care of the Wrocław Children's Hospice Foundation.

One final group which can find comprehensive support and care are grieving families. We lead a dedicated Support Group for people in similar circumstances. We support parents who struggle with pain and suffering resulting from their child's passing.

The offered care and support are free of charge.

How we help in the perinatal hospice?

There are many forms of support in such a difficult family situation. We offer care, especially psychological, for all members of the family. 

Families can reliably expect free medical, psychological, social, and even spiritual support. For a long time, we cooperate with specialists of various areas of specializations:



child neurology,

gynaecology and midwifery,


palliative medicine.

Among our experts are among others: MD, Associated Professor, Robert Śmigiel.

Psychological support is the foundation of our efforts. The psychologist provides help according to family needs – pregnant women, future father, and siblings.

One of the forms of the support is the ‘Life Sign.’ It is a form of memory of the child we offer in the Perinatal Hospice of our Foundation.

Together we create a plaster cast of the child, as a symbolic moment of the child’s presence in the family’s life.

Who we cooperate with?

Matters as delicate as this require the involvement of knowledgeable specialists, with an appropriate bedside manner. For this reason, we cooperate with the Wrocław maternity wards of the A. Falkiewicz Specialist Hospital at Warszawska street in Brochów and the private Polyclinic Na Grobli. From 2018 we have a medical contract with the NFZ

Z kim współpracujemy?

W tak delikatnej sferze konieczne jest zaangażowanie specjalistów, którzy dysponują odpowiednią wiedzą i wyczuciem. Dlatego współpracujemy z wrocławskimi oddziałami położniczymi Szpitala Specjalistycznego im. A. Falkiewicza przy ul. Warszawskiej na Brochowie oraz z Prywatną Polikliniką na Grobli. Od 2018 r. posiadamy kontrakt z NFZ.