House hospice

In this form of care our proteges – children – are in the best place for them. In their house.

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We are Home Hospice – what does it mean?

Wroclaw Hospice for Children is a House Hospice, meaning our ill children are staying in their own houses. We visit them with our help. Above all, it means 24/7 accessibility to specialists – doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers.

Hospice employees care for children and their families comfort every day. They provide medicines pain management, physiotherapy, and required special equipment. 

We know well, that where a child is suffering – the whole family needs help. That is why our assistance is complex.

The care we provide to children and their families is a palliative care (lat. Pallium – a coat). It assumes complex support: from medical,  to psychological to social.

Who are proteges of Foundation “Wroclaw Hospice for Children”?

Proteges of the hospice are incurable and chronically ill children and young people under 26 years of age.

Some of them are under the care of specialists for only a few days, weeks and others, years.  Our office is in Wroclaw, but we help across whole Lower Silesia region. 

Children are under our wing when:

  • Casual treatment or life supporting care has been finished,
  • Parents or guardians want to be with their children at home,
  • Family admit they cannot look after ill children.

What does house hospice care look like?

Our little proteges are under the care of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, neurologists, psychologists, and many volunteers. It gives them a full scope of support – from specialistic, medical & mental services.

A very important component is the presence of specially prepared family volunteers – ordinary people who want to share their time with children and their families.

Each protege of Foundation “Wroclaw Hospice for Children” has the ability to contact our doctors and nurses 24/7.  They are available via phone and are ready to reach out to children & families at any time.

Also, regular appointments take place at the home of the protege – after  making a reservation.

If the family do not have their own telephone, to comfortably contact the Foundation, they are able to lend a phone to the family. It is important for family and employees to be in touch when needed.

The main location of our specialists is in Wroclaw, but we work across the whole Lower Silesia region in other branches – in Polkowice, Lubin, Klodzko, Sieniawice and Zgorzelec. Thank to our network of centers, in case of emergency, we can reach the patient within  30 mins to 2hrs, depending on distance and traffic.

That is how our cooperation model between hospice and family looks like. 
Our team works also internally for proteges. At least once per day, we have a team briefing to consult cases and difficulties we are facing. Then, we summarize tasks and distribute to the appropriate specialist or department for treatment.
That way, we can provide complex and high-quality care to proteges of the Foundation and their families.

Organisation Manager of Hospice
Agnieszka Wojtków

Hospicjum domowe:
Tel.: +48 511 450 966