He is a child awaited by the whole family. A cheerful only son, he plays the piano, drives his electric toy car and plays with a ball. He's a connoisseur of his Mom's cuisine. He has a lot of things to learn, but as smart as he is, it's a piece of cake for him. Adaś is not able to speak, but he expresses himself effectively with his face and gestures. His best fiend – a doll Konsuela is always around. The boy has a diagnosed Charge syndrome.


More precisely, Emilek. He is 1,5 years old and weights only about 4 kilos. He is still waiting for a diagnosis. He suffers from a complete failure of the digestive tract. So far, both doctors and parents don't know why he isn't growing.  He's experienced a lot – especially stays at the hospital, medical treatment and surgeries. He's patient. He knows what pain is. He lives with his family. He's fortunate to have two older siblings. His passion are dummies. He has quite of a collection and picks the dummy he would use at the moment very carefully. He loves to play the peek-a-boo game, when he covers his head with a blanket. He is joyful and cheerful.


Hubert suffers from an extremely rare genetic disease – mucolipidosis II (I-cell disease).  He is the only child with a great sense of humour. His strongest points are phenomenal memory, analytical mind and cognitive abilities. His everyday means of transport is his bicycle and the loved one – a motorbike. Hubert does household chores on his mini electrodomestic equipment. He has excellent memory, knows many songs and poems. Together with his therapist Agata, he sings hits about a little hedgehog and a snail. Whatever he gets into – he is 100% involved. That's the way he is!


Jaś is the youngest child in a family, he has two older sisters – Kinga and Ola. Together with his parents he lives in a home where nature is much loved. Since recently, Jaś has a companion – a miniature schnauthzer Maniek. Since birth he's suffered from mucoviscidosis.  He became Wrocław Children's Hospice Foundation patient in March 2016. One of the consequences of his illness are respiratory problems. More and more often he can't leave home.


Maja is a fantastic girl with great sense of humour. Despite mobility limitations (she suffers from cerebral palsy), she loves to play around with her friends. She communicates above all using her extraordinary mimics. She laughs a lot. She's interested in fashion, has a beautiful hairdo and likes to have her fingernails coloured. He's extremely social. Recently she's been getting to know her younger brother – Leon. She likes to go to the cinema and theater. She makes an appearance at various festivals and fairs. She loves the motto: OK now, let's go wild! You can read more about Maja in the magazine "Promyki Nadziei"


Beloved youngest sister of three older siblings. Beautiful, smart and strong-minded. A lover of board games and risky games with her older brother and cooking with her sister. For her parents – a living proof for the fact that the world is full of good people. She is a queen of the living room, because it's where her privileged seat is. She suffers from spinal muscular atrophy.