Wrocław Children's Hospice Foundation

Wrocław Children's Hospice Foundation was founded in 2007 in order to raise funds for running home hospice for children. Back then it was the only home hospice for children in Lower Silesia region. The Foundation is a public, non-profit organization. This gives you an opportunity to donate 1% of your income tax to the patients during your year-end tax reconciliation. The income from 1% tax is very important for our activity. Thanks to your donation of 1% of income tax we can buy very important equipment, pay for home rehabilitation, medicine and specialist nutrients. Apart from 1% tax, there are numerous ways to support us, not only financially. See Help us to help.


Statute of Wrocław Children's Hospice Foundation.

Authorisation for public collection.

Financial report

Opinion of an independent auditor

Report on the activities


Foundation staff

  • Waldemar Gołębiowski

Waldemar GołębiowskiFounder of Wrocław Children's Hospice Foundation. MD. PhD, specialist pediatrician, specialist in palliative medicine and children's oncology and haematology. Initiator and head (from 2002 to 2006) of home hospice for children organised under the name of Mobile Palliative Care Team at University Hospital – Wrocław Children's Hospice. Since 2007 assistant professor at the Clinic of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy at Wrocław University Hospital and palliative care lecturer. Privately a husband and a father of four. Interests: history and sport.


Foundation Board:

  • Bożena Szawlis
  • Tomasz Sokołowski


President of the Board: Beata Hernik-Janiszewska

Chief Accountant: Urszula Jankowska

Accountant: Magdalena Hatamnejad

HR and payroll specialist, National Healthcare Fund (NFZ) specialist: Agnieszka Nowacka

Promotion and education: Joanna Chmielarz

Voluntary service: Katarzyna Lubiszewska

Foundation office: Marta Golnik