Specialist clinic

Clinic for terminally and chronically ill children is a place where children with serious chronic diseases receive medical advice in various areas of paediatrics.

Specialists available:

  • Children's neurologists, paediatrician – MD Zbigniew Kilen.
  • Clinical geneticist – MD, PhD Robert Śmigiel, associate professor

Clinic opening hours: Wednesday and Thursday 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.


  • From Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. at 511 450 966

History of the clinic

On 28 January 2014 the new seat of Wrocław Children's Hospice Foundation was officially opened. The hosts were: Beata Hernik-Janiszewska – vice president for funds, MD, PhD Waldemar Gołębiowski – hospice founder and MD, PhD Krzysztof Szmyd – vice president for medical affairs. In the event many benefactors and partners of the Foundation took part, without whom it would be difficult even to dream about establishing the facility. The most important guests, i.e. our patients, were represented by Ula, the Foundation patient since August 2004.

Looking at colorful walls and renewed and functional rooms it was hard to believe that three years before the building's interior resembled a ruin. The building, vacant for years, was leased out to the Foundation by the city of Wrocław after half year of formalities. Only thanks to invaluable help of Archicom company could the building's space be designed and adjusted to various functions. It was a period of obtaining permits, completing documentation and fulfilling formalities. Everything was ready and building professionals could start renovation works and create a comfortable seat for the Foundation. But then, the money supplies run out. Total cost of works was calculated at 592 080,89 PLN gross. With the help of local media we were calling donors for help. And they didn't let us down. Hearts and wallets opened and money started reaching our bank account – recalls Beata Hernik-Janiszewska – we also managed to obtain a grant from the Regional Marshal’s Council and works could be continued at full speed. We received selfless support from: Magnolia Park shopping centre, InsERT comnay, Instal Konsorcjum, Little Hand Children’s Foundation, Fundacja Agora, Fundacja Rosa and PPG Deco Polska.

The first specialist  clinic for incurably and chronically ill children was expected to open shortly. It is the only such facility in the Lower Silesia region. Thanks to this, a child suffering from chronic and severe disease will be able to receive in one place help from a paediatrician and other specialists such as a children's neurologist, cardiologist or orthopaedist. – says Krzysztof Szmyd, MD, PhD – Such form of support will ensure ill children access to specialist help without queues. What's most important, it will allow to contact chosen and most experienced doctors who know how to follow medical procedures with children who need pain relief treatment. The key thing is to establish a network of specialists who, supervised by a hospice doctor, cooperate in a team and have clear understanding of the goal of their work.

The clinic will also be a place of on-site rehabilitation that will allow to increase the number of rehabilitation hours for patients. We will also implement here the idea of social rehabilitation by, among others, organising meetings of Support Group for Families of Lost Children. Voluntary service (with 80 volunteers) will gain a place for meetings and trainings.

The whole Foundation will move into new premises and that will allow to reduce current expenses for the lease of hospital rooms.

When over 10 years ago we were starting to work on the hospice set up, I didn't know that there would be so many people willing to help the weakest ones, those who are the most difficult to help. I'm touched. – said Waldemar Gołębiowski, MD.

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Specialist clinic for chronically and incurably ill children, created by Wrocław Children's Hospice Foundation is the only such facility in the Lower Silesia region. Thanks to this, a child suffering from chronic and severe disease will be able to receive in one placehelp from a paediatrician and other specialists such as a children's neurologist, cardiologist or orthopaedist. Such form of support will ensure ill children access to specialist help without queuesand allow to contact chosen andmost experienced doctors.

The Foundation had been trying to obtain the premises for over half a year. In December 2010 we signed a lease contract with the Communal Resources Office for the vacant building on Jedności Narodowej Street 47, 47a, 49a. The premises, unused for many years, occupies ground and the first floor and has total area of more than 300 m2. It didn't look good, but thanks to Archicom architects who wholeheartedly and professionally, as best design companies would do, undertook the adaptation of premises – and neglected rooms started to present better and better. Then it was still only the phase of concept designing.

Formal procedures started at the Communal Resources Office where engaged employees with great attention and care were dealing with all sorts of problems. It took a year to complete design works and obtain all permits.

On 4 January 2013 the long awaited renovation started. There was a chance that it would finish until the end of 2013. Total cost was calculated at 592 080,89 PLN gross. We managed to obtain part of the funds for this enterprise – we received donation from Magnolia Park shopping centre and Fundacja Rosa, additionally, this goal has been allocated donations from the second New Year Charity Concert and the entire income from donations from the second edition of the 'Nakrętki dla Hospicjum' action (Plastic Caps for the Hospice). I was a lot, but still not enough. We applied for additional funds to the Regional Marshal’s Council.

In the clinic, apart from doctors' offices, there will be a room foron-site rehabilitation and social rehabilitation. It will allow to increase the number of rehabilitation hours for the patients, and at the same time, make more effective use of skills of very capable therapists who have many years of experience in cooperation with hospice patients. There will also be a playroom, and in the future we plan to extend our activities – with support of volunteering service – onto the patients' siblings.

The whole Foundation will occupy new premises that on one hand will reduce expenses and on the other hand is necessary due to a closure of the hospital where we currently lease offices.

1.08.2013 r.

We made it! The Regional Marshal’s Council provided a grant of 290 000 PLN allocated to finish the renovation of the building that will host our clinic. We hope that now works will accelerate and in December we will open the door to seriously ill children and their parents.

Przychodnia w budowie
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Przychodnia specjalistyczna


511 450 966

przychodnia [at] hospicjum.wroc.pl

Benefactors of the clinic: