The treatment is impossible or finished. The child is to be released from hospital. To home. And what's next? Wrocław Children's Hospice Foundation is the oldest home hospice for children in Lower Silesia. The care that we provide is totally free of charge. Children are at home with their nearest and dearest. Safe. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and volunteers visit them at home. We're available 24 hours, day and night, to help deal with anxiety, helplessness and pain. One can live many years with severe disease. Live well. Our goal is to make this life as good as possible. Because one has only one life.
Although the Foundation's seat is in Wrocław, the area of our activity is the whole Lower Silesia region. We take care of children with neurological, genetic and oncological diseases. Our cars can reach cities, towns and villages in the whole region. We soothe pain, ensure medical equipment and run physiotherapy. We give away joy – presents, dreams come true and surprises. Smile can cure too. Wrocław Children's Hospice Foundation takes care of the entire family. We are non profit organisation. We focus on helping ill children. Do you need help? See How we operate
HELP ME WHILE I'M STILL HERE – are words that we read in the children's eyes. They motivate us to make good use of every moment. Wrocław Children's Hospice Foundation is a non profit organisation. You can donate 1% of your income tax from your annual tax declaration (PIT). The income from 1% is the baseline of our budget. Thanks to donations of 1% of income tax we can buy medical equipment, hygiene products and cover costs of rehabilitation. We can take care of our patients and their families. Donation of 1% of income tax is easy and costless – all you spend is your time and attention. This ensures a safe year for the families. There are many possibilities of helping. See How you can help